The Bible on the altar, indicates us with clarity the word of the eternal one.


We the Gnostics also have a very special Bible, I want to refer in emphatic form to the Pistis Sophia whose original this in Copt, finds it in the underground of Egypt, the earth of the Pharaohs.


The Pistis Sophia contains all the words of the Adorable Salvador of the World, it was written by the Apostles, pouring in such book all the Occult instructions Budicas that the one gave to its pupils in the mount of the olive�s and in other sacred places.


That book one had come conserving secretly during many centuries, the adorable accent an extraordinary, formidable doctrine body.


HE that is here inside, to my real one to be interior deep; He has to comment each paragraph of the doctrine of the Nazarene. Reveler each paragraph of the doctrine of the Nazarene, to explain to it correctly.


We are in these precise instants in this work, the incoming year we will be able to give to the humanity, the Pistis Sophia revealed and explained, the doctrine body of the adorable savior's of the world the Buddha Jesus.


Unquestionably the humanity will be surprised. The doctrine of the Nazarene is formidable, is hidden wisdom in the transcendent sense of the teacher's word, of the Mr., of Buddha and we should revere such work.


I don't want therewith to underestimate to the Hebraic Bible, it is extraordinary, wonderful, but we have our specific book, the Bible Gnostic or J�ana, Christ's word, the Word of Buddha. Obviously all the religions, schools and beliefs, they will be shaken until the same bottom of their roots.


PISTIS SOPHIA, The book of Gold of the hermetic wisdom written with fire characters Budicos for the Being's superlative conscience.


The Gnostics' Sacred Bible, synthesis divine of the Fifth Gospel, written by our Mr. the Buddha Maitreya Samael.