Pistis Sophia that means wisdom of God of the Towering one, was written in old Copt; by the apostles (writer�s) Felipe, Mateo and Marcos those that had the gift of transcribing faithfully to the parchment of goat skin, with extracted ink of minerals and vegetable, for two of the Teachers of the Lodge Blanca "Apostles of our Mr. the Buddha Jesus" (Jeshua Ben Pandir�, that is to say "Aberamentho").


The faithful real and trustworthy history of the murdered Gnostics, for the Romans, order Gnostic to which the great Priest Gnostic belonged "Aberamentho", "Jesus the Christ" explains clearly that during eleven years, after having resuscitated, the Great Kabir the Buddha Jesus, cohabited secretly with his apostles or pupils more exalted, instructing them with Maria Magdalena in the gnosis of the Universe.


His immortal body submerged in the hipper-space, made it then, visible, physically tangible to the three-dimensional and spiritual senses of those that shared with Him.


During these eleven years, "Aberamentho" made transcribe through Felipe the scribe and Mateo, the one that has been, is and it will be the Bible J�ana, the book of light more grandiose that exists on the face of the earth.


An original copy of Pistis Sophia is in the library of the Vatican, in old Copt and other Original ones in hands of the immortal Teachers of the Lodge Blanca.


Of this original book "Pistis Sophia" it was translated to English, and of English it was translated to Spanish by "Toni Maldonado", son-in-law of the Bodhisatwa Samael and that during the whole translation, it was faithfully like right hand in this great work, beside the Buddha Samael (in their house and office) fulfilling this extraordinary mission of translation.


While the one translated from English to Spanish, our Eternal Patriarch of the Church Gnostic, dove in the Christ's world (of the second logoses), for reveler his content, just as the Buddha Jesus the Christ made it transcribe.


The one that this writes, entered a day of the year from 1977 to the office, and I found the great Hierophant Samael, sat down in their armchair in deep meditation and with their closed eyes; I kept silent, I entered in sentence and I waited.


Having passed some instants, he opened their luminous eyes, and after the conceived greetings Gnostics he told this way me the Mr. of the Force, the King from Mars:


"I have to penetrate to the Christ's world, to know the content of each message, sentence and chapter exactly, such and as the Teacher Jesus the Christ made it transcribe."


Then, it adapted it to the language of the time, and reveled already adapts it in each chapter.




Well - the Buddha told me � you reads this chapter (which reveler was not still) that now return, you stay here in the office studying it, and when I returns, you explain to me his content.


When returned our Mr. the Christ Samael told me:� - Well pupil, explain the content of the task that I left him - nervous, I answered him - "good Teacher, this means..." - to that our Mr. responded severely:


"Don't confuse the gymnasia with the magnesia" - and then he proceeded to explain to me their content, with great eloquence and wisdom explains to him my interpretation.


Then during many months, I was instructed by the Buddha in the Mysteries of our Bible Gnostic Pistis Sophia.