Is also Decree of the church Gnostic for all their members, when beginning the new year of aquarium and every year for the rest of the existence; in each sanctuary.


The charge missionaries, they should read with the conscience "TO THE LIGHT OF THE TRANSMUTED FIRE IN THEIR HOME":


a) The thirteen regrets written by our gentleman the Buddha JESUS, in the Bible J�ana PISTIS SOPHIA, and their revelation for The Buddha Maitreya Samael


b) One to one had separated in different days.


c) Read and study in group, the interpretation of each one of the thirteen regrets, in different days, the reading should be made by a brother, or mates, by the Missionary, in an eloquent way.


d) After reading each one of the thirteen regrets, their interpretation and their revelation, each brother of the group will decree his to feel very intimate, his reflection and the explanation to the points that more stick up in his conscience of the regret that is studied.


e) The missionaries and the siblings of the Church Gnostic, will should, to read and to study individually to conscience at home, the thirteen regrets with their interpretation, one to one for separate, and in different days.


EXAMPLE:� In a meeting we study the first regret, enunciated by our gentleman the Buddha JESUS.


When finishing reading the entirety of the first regret, the missionary explained his to feel on the same one to the fraternity.


Then he asked to each one of the assisting siblings, express their feel on the same one.


In the following meeting the interpretation of the first regret will be read, for the apostles, the missionary lectured on the same one in the face of the fraternity Gnostic; and each brother in respective order decreed his interpretation on the same one.


Later on in a third meeting the missionary will read the revelation of the regret written by our gentleman the Buddha Maitreya Samael, subsequently it enunciated his to feel on her, making stand out the points that considers in his conscience necessary.


When finishing he asked each brother and sister the interpretation that their essence gives to the other ones on what has listened of the Develaci�n of this First Regret.


This same way we will operate dialectally and systematically with each one of the thirteen regrets until finishing them.


And when will coming it New Year, we will return in an eighth superior, with more conscience of the doctrine Gnostic, with more yearning, it thrills and faith to restart the study of the thirteen regrets again.


And this will be carried out for every year that The Great Law allows to give us life.


This way siblings Gnostics of the world here in the CHURCH UNIVERSAL BUDDHIST GNOSTIC we are working on the systematic study of the Thirteen Regrets of the Pistis Sophia.


The Church Universal Buddhist Gnostic, doesn't give the sacred sacrament to the perverse ones, that is to say we don't give him "Bread and came to the devil."


The Concupiscence with the Crime, to overlap, and to Support the Siblings that offend Inside the Institution, is a terrible error.


It is Incongruous, Absurdity to Strengthen the Essence, with The Sacred Sacrament of Those Siblings that In Way Some for laziness, for the dream of the Conscience they don't Practice: The Meditation of The Death of the �I� in March to Each Defect self-overdraft.


That they don't Practice:� a daily hour the transmutation of single or single.


That they continue: intentionally fornicating with their spouses and using contraceptives their wives.


That they don't Practice, The Sexual Transmutation of married the even Gnostics. That they are not presented to Participate actively of our Sacred Liturgy.


That they don't Complete:� with their Ecclesiastical Positions.


That in synthesis, they don't fulfill in way some their Sacred Oath


As the Oldest: "Bishop of the Church Universal Christian Gnostic with International" Jurisdiction.


Anointed By Our Mr. The Buddha Maitreya Samael and As Missionary Named International Gnostic For The Patriarch.


And As Only Anointed Abbot For The Buddha Maitreya Samael:��


I "ask to all the Directive and Towns Gnostics of the Earth, Without Institutional" Difference.


It is "Correct, to strengthen The Essence of Those Siblings That in Way Some as Parasites is sustained to Pantries "of the Altar." Without Already Fulfilling the Duties Gnostics Mentioned and with their triple oath?


Truth That Not?


It urges a Cultural "Revolution Christic Budica" in each Institution Gnostic, in each Church Gnostic J�ana to purify and to affirm us with Will Of Steel in the practices of The Doctrine Gnostic; as well as to retire all the drones that live to pantries of the honeycomb.