The Buddha Jesus in his quality of great priest Gnostic said:


"I have not come to bring peace to the earth, I have come to divide the family, I have come to divide father and mother against their children and brothers against brothers, I have come to divide two against three, the father BRAHAMA and the son VISHNU (to the father intimate and to the soul against the Attach�s psychic the brothers) three against two and two against three."


The force and the soul; against three, the Karma Law, the Destination and the dirty spirit.


"The Force is the Christ's Blow in the Soul"

"The fight is to death two against three and three against two"

The soul separates "this way its relatives the MARAS"


The Law of the Karma is medicine for the soul.

The Law of the Karma is the power face of the lion.


Pistis Sophia by means of the divine aid conquers the power face of the lion and the Law of the Katancia; The great one Mr. of the Law and their servants don't want the final liberation of Pistis Sophia, they also fulfill their duty of charging Pistis Sophia the old debts to achieve the final liberation, is necessary to pay the old debts and this is achieved with the practices of the third Factor.


The ordinary karma exists; more exists the Law of the Katancia, the superior karma. Before achieving the final liberation we should fix bills with the sidereal justice.


In the tribunals of justice I knew like they get ready the karmic debts; the God and the big ones initiate they have to be judged by the judges of the law of the Katancia.


The lawyers of the tribunals of celestial justice defend to the initiate ones in front of the cosmic judges.


They also exist some cosmic executioners that also execute the terrible commands of the light, each one it takes inside if the policeman of the karma that drives him to the tribunals of the light.


The law of the Katancia is not an exaggeration and the big ones initiate they are driven before the superior courts.


The business with Adamas are awful, when one has cosmic capital it is paid and everything is solved.


Make good works so that you have cosmic capital, so that you have to pay. The great Law conjugated with the powers of the abyss will close the step to Pistis Sophia.


The Law is also never bad and perverse; they simply fulfill the Law that is everything. The judges of the Law are beyond the good and of the wrong.


Inverential Peace

Samael Aun Weor





The destination pursues the man until the day of its death.

In few words the destination is who impels the death on the man.


This is the work of the destination and doesn't have another purpose that taking the body to the death.


The destination impels to the dirty spirits to sin, so that it is fulfilled the law to that we pay with pain and illness.


For that reason the Buddha Maitreya Samael through the Bible Gnostic of the light teaches us to liberate us of the destination and the law and this way to enter to the Kingdom of the skies.