Aberamentho, The Buddha Jesus, in chapter 142 of our Sacred Bible Gnostic Pistis Sophia show us the intentional intimate living of the Three Baptisms, as The Three Mystic Rites ".


Later their pupils told him:


"Rabbi reveals us The Mystery of your Father's" light, since we listen to you to say:


"That a Baptism Of Fire" Exists.

"A Baptism of light of the Sacred Spirit "Shiva" Exists.

"Unction Exists Eucharistic."


These three rites are those that guide to The Souls toward the Luz's Treasure.


Toward the region of The Truth and the kindness, toward the Region Santa of all The Sanctities, toward the region where it doesn't exist neither the feminine thing neither the masculine, neither the forms if not alone the Perpetual and indescribable Light.




The Baptism Gnostic of �Fire" alone receives it those couples of initiate:


That they practice The Sahaja-Maithuna daily, as this writing for The Buddha Maitreya Samael in the chapter 24, Titled The Sacred Fire of the Book The Mystery Of the Golden Flourish, Singing The Fundamental Mantram: "I A O". And the Mantrams "Yam Dram Jum Krim" for Wake up The Kundalini.


With radical exclusion of the spasm, and physiologic orgasm, without spilling:� "A drop of semen."


By means of this erotic didactics, with continuity of purposes, unyielding faith and with our motto Gnostic Thelema:� "Will." �The even Gnostics will be able to receive "The Baptism Of Fire."


That is to say to wake up The Kundalini the Erotic Snake of Our Magic Powers, of the deep lethargy or dream in that was for the violation that originate the original sin.


The marriages Gnostics that have received:� "The Baptism Of Fire" is indicated through the BEING, by means of certain clear-sighted perceptions specify.


They will be able to see the same Snake of Fire of the Kundalini of the physical body being uncoiled of their three turns and mediates.


In vision of God, a white elephant will appear among the drowsiness (GANESHA) the fire of the Logoses.


In visual revelation we will be able to capture the bone "Lit coccyges To the Red one As a Coal" and etc., etc., etc.


The BEING, always indicates his son the awakening of the Sacred Fire, "OR First Baptism Of Fire" in different ways, either clairvoyants, for revelation, in experience astral conscience.


The Aspiration Supreme Initial of all marriage faithful Gnostic to Our Mr. the Christ SAMAEL, to its doctrine Gnostic and the same Church Gnostic of the superior worlds, is to receive for the first time in this existence "The Baptism Of Fire."


Obviously that the Baptism Of Fire becomes possible in those couples that work in harmony with the three factors of the revolution of the conscience.


Either applying him the meditation for the annihilation from Mara to each defect self-overdraft.


Pursuing intentionally to the Infernal Dragon of Seven Heads (MARA) in each one of our five centers, to extract one to one of their heads they, the Essence or Buddhata that prisoner was annihilating; practicing The Buddhist Annihilation during the trance Of Sexual Magic.


Unquestionably that fellow man's serious and deep work fruit on the part of the siblings, will wake up the altruism, the universal love, the yearning to share with the neighbor these wise teachings;� That Our Salvador Mr. The Buddha has Granted us, and we will fulfill this way the third factor of the revolution of the conscience.


The Buddha Maitreya SAMAEL, at the end of the chapter "The sacred" fire of the book The Mystery of the Golden Flourish he says textually:


"Who make the crime of practicing black Tantrismo, sexual magic with ejaculation is ostensible that they woke up and they will develop The Organ of all the fatalities."


"Who betray the Guru or Teacher, although white Tantrismo practices without seminal ejaculation, it is obvious that they will put:� "In activity the Organ of all the fatalities."


Such a sinister power, "Opens the doors of the first floor stomach, the seven infernal" chakras and it transforms us into terribly perverse" demons.


Applicable at the present time to those Detractors of the Law that supplanting; To the Christ of Aquarius Samael Aun Weor, noted directly, "For the Great Lodge Blanca of the Planet Earth, they feel the Messiah of this Age of Gold, bosses of The Lodge Blanca or Hierophants and Avataras.


Ostensibly these they are monsters of the abyss that can deceive only, to the incautious siblings that being in different Institutional lines doesn't really practice The Doctrine Gnostic.


The Baptism of Fire, when the man receives it irrefutably the woman he also receives it, it is possible that both have the perceptions of the awakening of the fire or that alone one is able to capture the messages of the light through different symbolisms that indicate him that had wakened up the fire of the snake.


It is also possible that due to the dream, to the lack of superlative analysis, although the two practitioners find received the Baptism of Fire and multiple revelations have been given;� Be not Able to Interpret them.


That is clear is that when receiving the baptism of Fire; undoubtedly the couple's psychic essence will feel a great emotion superlative, multiple states of happiness and indescribable happiness.






The Baptism of the Sacred Spirit "Shiva" receives the initiate and when is able to crystallize in his hidden anatomy The Second Grade of Power of Fire.


The Baptism Of the Sacred Spirit "Shiva", it is received in our own conscience and in our own BEING; When the Erotic Snake of Our Magic Powers breaks the sidereal forehead of the vital body, and this way used by the Fire of the Glorious and Triumphant love glows in the same one; as leave in the sculptures of the God and Egyptian Goddesses.


The Baptism of the Sacred Spirit "Shiva" is managed, for the supreme initiator of the school of initiate of the Lodge Blanca "Sanat Kumara", in a Secret Temple in the Internal Worlds.


In The Baptism of Shiva, the fire of Pentecost glows in the Sidereal Crown of the vital body of the initiate ones.


The one that receives the Baptism of Shiva is anointed, in the Temple and inside the waters of the life, for the Interior John the Baptist. Then we receive the White pigeon "SHIVA."


That big and Majestic with sublime old man's head, white beard and eyes in that is reflected the starry sky, daintily settles on the coronary chakra or of the a thousand petals; he says this way and the Buddha Maitreya SAMAEL writes.


When Receiving the Baptism of Shiva, the initiate is spilled blessing him in the name of BRAHAMA, SHIVA AND VISHNU, With the Sacred Oil of the Church Gnostic. With this unction it is ratified in the essence and in the BEING, the second bigger initiation of mysteries.


This way with the baptism of the Sacred Spirit crystallized "Shiva" inside the Baptism Of Fire, these two Sacred Fires, prepares to the soul during intensive works of Magic Sexual daily, to get dressed with the Powerful astral Mediation that unites us with Our Father the Solar Immanence "The Astral Body Solarizate."






The BUDDHA JESUS was full with majesty, the only that he lacked was the coronation, JESUS he headed to the Jordan, there Juan lived, he had his temple and in him it officiated; JUAN that is a great teacher of the white lodge.


In the door of the temple Juan put an inscription that say: "Prohibit the Profane Dances� JUAN was a man of medium stature, venerable old man of white beard, when it officiated it was had inside the temple with its regal Priestly tunic.


Outside of the temple it dressed wrapping their body in a camel skin simply, and this way semi-nude, this venerable old man was full with majesty and all they respected it, his body full with muscles strong and wide front reflected the majesty of its radiant one to be.


JUAN had to live, until the Messiah's arrival; JUAN had to be the great initiator of the BUDDHA JESUS, it was written this way in the books of the destination.


When JESUS entered to JUAN'S temple this ordered him to take off the vestments;� JUAN was lined with his priestly tunic;� JESUS undresses it only covered his sexual organs with a white cloth, then it left the lobby and he entered in the sanctuary;� then JUAN anointed WITH PURE OIL TO THE GENTLEMAN and fact dilutes on its head.


In those instants Three Stars they glowed internally in the sky of the Spirit; The Third Star was red as The Alive Fire, and then descended of the sky of the Spirit of the Wisdom.


That was the supreme instant The Spirit of the Wisdom entered in JESUS for the pineal gland, the father didn't enter in those instants inside JESUS' body, it only attended in his regal fire car, visible only for the eyes of the spirit; it was this way the coronation of the BUDDHA JESUS.


The Bodhisatwa received this way Jesus the Second bigger Initiation of Mysteries.


Samael Aun Weor

Of the Book �Biggest Mysteries�