Meditation practices for the development of the imagination, inspiration, intuition with our father Je� and the radical understanding on the animal ego.


To discern, to meditate on the being�s following parts in group and individually, to make us a little more conscious on our own Being, is then inevitable to meditate in them:


The Sacred illuminator "Je�"

The Saint affirm "BRAHAMA"

The Saint Integrate "VISHNU"

The Saint reconcile "SHIVA"


The Receiver of the law "ZOROCOTORA MELCHISEDEK"

The Lion of the Law


Each one of our deep interior Being's evident superlative parts, they are properly explained, discerned, in our sacred Bible "Pistis Sophia."




Je� is the Illuminator, one of the parts self-aware of the Being.


Je� develops in each one of us, the sense of the self - psychological Observation.


Je� can also pursue and to throw to the red Demons of Seth of our psyche and to give them to our Divine Mother so that she beheads them.


Je� has at your service, to its command, to one plagued of angels:� or leave of the Being to capture the one �I� suitable and understood; by means of the meditation for Mara's annihilation.


Je� the Inspiring Supreme court directs that part of being called The Policeman of the Karma.


Je� is one of the parts more high of our own interior being, without him is impossible Mara's Annihilation and discovery.


Je� like vehicle of the Self - Discovery:� because him develops us according to our merits "The Self - Psychological Observation ", without he is more that impossible, to Capture the Mara Thinker, projecting it in the mirror of the interior imagination and this way we in state of alert discover.


Je� is A Deeply Sacred Mantram; he is related with The Light and The Clairvoyance. P. 81


Written is:� that Jesus the Christ, the great Kabir intoned a sweet song in "Praise of the Great Name that it is Je�.


It pronounced The Deeply Sacred Name Lew and it blew him in the eyes saying you are "Already Clear-sighted."


Unquestionably "JEU" is the word mantrica or magic key related with the clairvoyance:


This word "JEU" figures in the Mass Gnostic.


Je� is The Superior of the Law!


Why is the superior of the law? Meditate on this...




In group and individually


1. Request with humility, with the soul and the heart to our Mr. The integral Saint "Shiva, and "Vishn�" integrates us with Je�.


2. Implore with Supreme Devotion and Adoration to our Father Je�, The Light Superior "Cleans The Glass Of the Mirror" of the imagination to see to Him, to Je� and Anoint with the Light the Sense of the observation, Wake up him, Activate and Perfect.


3. Identification conscience with Our Father Je�, meditating adoring him, begging him their presence, so that he gives us "Their Archetype", code or symbol like the one wants to be shown, to be revealed to our essence in deep silence interior, adoring him.


4. To implore him through the Integral Saint to the illuminator, clean the one glass of the mirror of the imagination so that we can develop and to perfect the sense of the interior Self-observation with the unique purpose of being able to capture in state of alert perception the following points:


A) When a Mara anyone uses the mirror of the imagination to project their desires, longings, etc.


B) For can capture the Mara that this behind each thought and of each false feeling.


C) For con OBSERVE, See, Calmly and to listen identifies the Mara's thoughts in question.


D) For can capture, The Wicked Intention Of Feeling Of the Mara, when he speaks and their voice is reflected as thought, before becoming sound by means of the organ of the word, when he also takes control of our language.


E) Distinguish clearly and to identify mathematically with the LENS, of the SELF-OBSERVATION to which of the FIVE CENTERS the Mara belongs that we are seeing, looking, hearing - With the eye and hearing of the Essence in the instant that ARRIVES TO THE MIND.


F) AND above all the more transcendent, can with the eye of the soul, with the vision of the essence, to capture the intimate sense of the Mara acting when we practice The Meditation for Mara's annihilation, through the gift of:� �REMOVES ESSENCE� that is the sense that allows us:� To learn, to Seize, to Capture, the real Spiritual Sense or Egoist of all the Egos.

G) With the Lens, the Glass of the Creative Imagination can to see the Throne of Anubis, The Angel or Interior Police, The Trial to themselves and the more transcendent Our Mother Koatlicue with their sword beheading the Mara.


H) AND the more sublime, with the Sense of the Self - Observation, we can See Objectively, really to the Being's parts that we invoke, adore us in the Internal meditation and to feel them with the gift of the �Removes Essence�, in the more deep of our own conscience.


I) Is need to sing the Mantram JE�:� directing the sound to the Father's atom, located in the brow, visualizing the Being's eye or a Sun in that place, of half hour at a daily hour.


5. If, in candle, attentive as when we look at the starry firmament, in state of alert novelty and alert perception, we achieve to conscience, by means of the self - observation, to listen, with our sense of the interior hearing to any Mara to think, in the box of resonance of the mind, an entire field of understanding will open up on the capture of the Mara�s that they are processed inside our understanding in shift.