Ah time! That a very singular Tibetan Lady-follower, inside the Sacred order of the Tibet exclaimed saying me:� Die!


The Egyptian book of the Hidden place says:� The day in that Horus (The Intimate) gets the victory over Seth (The Animal Ego) and their demons, me deceased, I triumph of my enemies, during the night of the party in that the God Djed is elevated in Djed� in the face of the divinities that reside on the roads of the death.


To die, in myself, to dissolve the ME, to reduce it to cosmic dust cloud, certainly it was not very easy task, but, I should admit very sincerely that I remained faithful to the ordinances of TUM (my Father that is in the skies). It could never refuse that Kundalini enters with my divine Mother in the dens of Seth. (The forty nine regions of the subconscious)


Who wants to go up first has to go down, that it is the Law; all exaltation goes preceded by a humiliation. Each psychological defect done inwardly with the eye of Horus, has truly satanic form, beastly.


UNDERSTANDING and ELIMINATION are radical. Without those two factors to be it impossible to eliminate the red demons (the defects). To UNDERSTAND is the first factor; To ELIMINATE is the second. Many neophytes understand, but they don't eliminate. Of certain I tell you that those they fail. Mind it is not everything; it is last it can justify or to condemn, to hide or to excuse, but not to eliminate. I understood this way it and I requested to my Mother; the result was wonderful.


Oh divine Mother Kundalini! Igneous snake of our magic powers! ISIS to who no human has lifted the veil! SOPH�A! Well they know the gods of the Garden of the Hesperidins that you can eliminate defects. Between my Mother and me we share the hard work; I understood and she eliminated.


Understood defect was thoroughly immediately eliminated by my mother, she never abandoned me, she never left me alone. I learned how to combine the meditation with the pray. I meditated to understand. I prayed to beg.


To return to the vetusto Tibetan monastery was always my best yearning; I returned to that sacred place after having suffered a lot. Immaculate summit of the delight, secret Tibet; everything in you has mystery air!


Certainly those eternal Himalayas has innocent mirror depth;� snow perpetual, sober Buddhist convents, monks that pray and they meditate mumbling very slow:� �OM MANI PADME JUM�� Those mystics already know about the tortures of the races conquered that they lived and they died to the shade of their colossal mass. They know about the flights of the eagles and of the ray that the mark with their fire heading. In the flanks of their montanas it rotates the thunder of the rough gales, and in their sepulchral temples they collapse cosmic signs that they have flavor of eternity.


I needed of agreement with old uses and millennial customs, somebody that responded for me, a charitable soul, a godfather that presents me in the order and it is obvious that I had it, thanks to God! He paid my entrance right or better we said my back-entrance to the venerate order, with occult money that the human multitudes ignore.


For the return there are not parties; it is written this way and that knows it the divine ones and the humans. Simply and without ostentation some, I occupied my position inside the order again and I continued in the work that formerly when I abandoned, when I moved away from the right road. I restarted my work making charity; it was necessary to help inside the monastery to a poor soul that he had call in our doors looking for the light.


�Request and will be given, hit and you will be opened� That is LOVE... The fire of the charity makes miracles. Unfortunately that suppliant was too sleeping, I made enormous efforts truly to wake up her, but everything was useless. It is obvious that this suffer creature had not even begun to fight against the demons of Seth (The Ego) their conscience was completely bottled among the ME.


0h! Old monastery protected by very old walls. How much I love you! How to forget that ineffable place and that sacred table before which the compassion NIRMANAKAYAS feels? How to forget those working rooms and all the multiple and varied corridors ineffable for where they circulate and do they go and do the FOLLOWERS of the light come?


Feeling me sorry, contrite of heart, been really sorry, I implored, I demanded to my divine Mother, I requested, very sincerely to eliminate the psychological defect that by means of the deep meditation, it had already been understood in entire form.


The esoteric work allowed me then to evidence until the satiety the plurality of the ME. Careful observations allowed me to reveal in effective form, the intimate relation existent between defect and entity. In ostensible form I could verify that each error is multifaceted in itself.


It is notorious and clear to our patient readers, to penetrate, to conceive the idea of small YOES screamers and quarrelsome, entities of wicked type, personifying defects.


It is not obstacle for these varied entities the lawless and absurd coexistence inside our own PSYCHE.


Unhappily these attach�s psychics, subjective, infernal, continue beyond the sepulcher. The palpable, authentic, unquestionable return, of those subjective values, abominable, to new wombs, is a mathematical axiom.


AHAMKRITA BHAVA:� These two Sanskrit words mean �CONDITION SELFISH� of our Conscience. Is Obvious that the CONSCIENCE bottled among all these entities that constitute the EGO, is unwrapped and lives in function of its own condition selfish. ATMAVIDYA, with this term Hindustani we refer to the DIVINE ILLUMINATION.


The CONSCIENCE stuffed among the countless I�S or ME�S that constitute the EGO, is notorious that doesn't enjoy the authentic illumination; It is in state of sleepiness, sleeps, is victim of the vain illusions of MAYAN.


ATMASHAKTI. With this term of the old wisdom we indicate, we point out, the absolutely spiritual power. For sequel, consequence, corollary, we can and we should emphasize the idea, that the CONSCIENCE can enjoy the legitimate one spiritual power while it has not been liberated of its condition SELFISH. When MEFIST�FELES, (THE EGO), it is reduced to ashy, the CONSCIENCE is liberated and finally wakes up.


Now if you understand conspicuous readers for that I was demanded to die? Alone eliminating the EGO I return to the order SACRED OF THE TIBET.

So Oh my God! Remind dear reader that there are not, roses without thorns, you know it. How much pain I felt when traveling all the towns and villages of the Tibet! For anywhere, here, there and fair, I could see the Chinese-communist troops that treacherous they had invaded the earth of the followers. How awful they are the profaners! See the red soldiers here in the same doors of the sacred pagodas, making fun cynically of what they don't understand.


To the divine P�dma Sambh�va, incarnation of the Lotus; Protective of all the conscious beings, I beg freedom for the Tibet. To all the sublime PARENTS and MOTHERS of the BUDDHAS of the five orders, request to move away forever to the terrible hordes that they have murdered the Santos


BHAGAV�N ACLAIVA, protective Teacher of our sacred order; take away from the Tibet the hordes brutes of the MARXISM. Ah! Well the TATHAGATA knows (BUDDHA), how much I must suffer when contemplating the terrible solitude of the Valley of AMITHABA. What was it of those religious parties that formerly made happy the sublime valley?


Now alone see for anywhere the sanguinary hosts of the MARXISM; until when will this bitterness continue?


Fortunately the monastery of the SACRED ORDER DE THE TIBET is very well protected inside the fourth dimension.