Some time ago, the guardians of the holy sepulcher, they told me that you'll know. More before you leave, you must leave to humanity, road maps and your words.

And I responded by saying, that's what I'll do, since I promised solemnly to write this book of the three mountains.

 Back when the yeast ferments. And into the fire and flames ransom, to those who have removed 50% of the animal ego.

 Now, I am a feathered serpent. Now I have to endure patiently pain situations, for each particle, each atom has consciousness, and this consciousness rid of every particle, every atom, every molecule, every cell to coat integrate, be absorbed in being.

 Just then each particle detachment of consciousness is a milestone, producing a moment of pain.

 This process symbolizes the eagle devouring a snake like this in the national emblem of Mexico. I'm an avatara of Ishuara who is the Supreme Master, a very special pure, except suffering, He is master even of the old masters, is not limited by time ever the word that expresses what is still, that means, will God.

 She came to my ishuara, writes books told me, brochures and tijitlis., Mr. and Tijitlis that word means. Form the World Salvation Army, The Gnostic Movement, The Gnostic Church, etc., Thus saith the Lord, and I realized Ishuara is the master of masters, the governor of the universe in this omniscience becomes infinite, that others exist only in germ.

 I have my mum living an immortal physical body back with her Shangrilla of eastern Tibet, a group of brothers at the end of the katun thirteen (2042 - 2043).

 To start, the great exodus and into the smoke and flames, will rescue those who have actually worked on themselves.