In the year of 1977, I was invited by Guru samael to breakfast comfortably seated around the circular table in white, in the presence of her grandmother, a daughter and several brothers and Mr. Gnostics said:


We'll go to work missional Europe, then I will retire for a time to the island Nontrabada, I'll be in this place with older siblings, the rectors of humanity, for a while there precisely in the non locked, rest for a while. Before starting to Shangrilla me.


And saying loudly drastically, the Buddha Samael decree and to all present: And who has understanding let him understand. Amazed observed that neither are present. Capto: The farewell message of Guru Samael.


Another day we went to Cuernavaca Mexico, quaint little town away from the pollution of Mexico City, has visited a land lot, located in a beautiful place.


We introduce, in the rubber feet, (as Guru affectionately called Samael to your shopping White) Horus (pronounced Aurus) Bodhisatwa's son behind the wheel, and beside the cheerful grandmother, also in the front, the VM Aciento Samael in the back.


The writer to his left hand and my sister Gnostic deliciously on the trip talked Grandpa have told me tell me one of those experiences you had related to ...


Suddenly Horus, is thrilled at the wheel and 80 km. that is the point that the Buddha Samael told him to take the speed, from one moment to another raced to 120 km. x hour.


Samael Grandpa felt the speed and fondly told 3 times boy, boy, boy calling his attention to the Horus obeyed instantly reduced to 80 km. x hour speed rubber feet.


Half way we stopped at a restaurant, it was noon (lunch) all ordered grilled meat unless the Buddha Samael.


The Buddha Samael, stood from the table and see brother told me, I retire from the chair and followed behind him to his car rubber feet that is parked about ten feet away from where the table was.


Going Buddha Samael, before me suddenly back, and standing in front of me, and to my amazement, he looked totally surprised at his face, and exclaimed with great admiration and a big smile.


! Maestro her face looks twink, younger than mine that I have twenty-six years as well as your body appearance is of a young man of twenty.


The great guru full of strength and power creatrix, "Samael The logos of Mars", a thunderous voice tells me:


"My Being is the domain of plastic how you see brother? -Master, (I replied stunned) this tiernita youthful skin, like a boy, and just now was a man of about 58 years with a manly appearance and powerful in his 40s.


The patriarch repeated my being has the gift of plastic, then in my presence, I saw tremendous exalted mind. Transfigured his normal age. These are the powers of an immortal, he said.


After returning to the table and see all that amount of steak served, I said: "You can only eat one serving of meat and" per week (Along the index fingers of their hands and thumbs, forming a semi-circle ), I repeat, only a portion of meat "of Tejas Tattva" fire element, so that there is enough fire for sexual transmutation.