The GURU Samael writes in one of his books "Soon I'll go" but my real Being TUM perhaps resurrect me in my grave my holy sepulcher, and continued my mum alive, immortal body The Christ Our Lord explained that Samael writer, through the sound current of his word and said in lectures: no mummies alive as immortal bodies suspended in a state of catalepsy, there dead mummies.


The mummies are held alive through the centuries by a lovely gas vital located at the bottom of these bodies.


A day trip to my grave, which is located in the Sahara Desert in Egypt, back in the Valley of the Kings where the tombs of the pharaohs, penetrated into the funeral grounds to visit my mum's body to revive him, and that I have to constantly turn him out of the tomb and to certain activities of the Self


This funerary complex is well guarded by guardians of great power and nobody ever, nor will the archeologists shovel with him.


This tomb funeral is buried by several meters of desert sand and lies a few meters verbs protected by very powerful magic.


The tomb funeral went from lip to ear saying, The Immortal Samael, exquisite in a talk that I have recorded on a cassette, is rectangular, and the front door is in a corner on the right and the exhibition is also rectangular, descend to within a few steps and we are in the great tomb solar, containing twelve coffins and inside of each of them, twelve mummies alive, ie twelve immortal bodies.


The six sarcophagi stand on funerary enclosure wall, to the left of the entrance each have certain entries corresponding to the particular characteristics of each teacher who has immortal mummy.


These six bodies that are in these sarcophagi unemployed teachers are more exaltadazo the other six bodies that are in those coffins on the floor, just in front of the coffins that stand.


The second sarcophagus of the gateway is mine, inside the body is immortal mummy'm transplanting this body I have here in Mexico, in a given time all of the Mummy alive and immortal will rejoin will merge with solar values ​​and spiritual achievements being made in this existence.


As you can see there is ample room behind the six coffins lying on the floor, and also adequate space between the two sarcophagi forming a corridor.


I also told the teacher on campus brothers funeral a day visit he met a sister who has a living mummy like the immortal and that is the exalted as his coffin is standing, and he says the teacher well: you think these friendships funeral! This sister has now physical body in the United States, by the way I claim on a debt, when he was in the revolution, I mean that at that time the Samael Being that dwells in me, while using this immortal mummy specific activities.


I asked the teacher Samael: And how does the atomic exchange? and the Lord said, part of being in charge of this difficult and complex atomic exchange work you know that atoms exist architects, engineers under the direction of the atom Nous living inside the left ventricle in the causal world.


This part of being through atomic intelligences mentioned arising causes the body while the body and Mexican mummy, equally atom each, example, if it follows a certain area atom brain Egyptian body also shows an atom of the brain of the physical body is in Mexico, and each atom is directed opposite to the brain, crossing exactly halfway.


Every atom that emerges is a milestone that causes pain, you see, I'm not a bed of roses. The teacher pauses and asks the grandmother (dondita) entering the office that moment will bring a fresh fruit smoothie, and the teacher tells me, makes me very thirsty atomic exchange now I'm doing the stomach, So much water I drink fresh fruit.


We went with some brothers other day and the Venerable Master Samael, one would snow cones that sold fruit flavor, ask our order, and the Master as a child ate a double cone savoring exquisitely, while we received His sacred teachings.


What looked like a child, with that beautiful smile that characterized child at that moment, while cheerfully dialog�bamos again the master ordered another double cone and ate it with great gusto and to my amazement asked a third twice as the latter is consumed him instantly!


Laughing with joy and happiness at this wonderful conference, I said like a child master! It has three double cones!, Where do you fit? to what Grandpa told me, my stomach is heated exchange with Atomic and ice cream cools my stomach.


And with laughter, joy and happiness, the great grandfather continued, indeed I am a child of a child's behavior, as you are seeing, I have three years of age, you are not wrong in your observation, yes, I have three years of age in this atomic exchange and will gradually grow as reinstate achieve this immortal body of the mummy and now I bring you see, all the atoms that I need and that are in the body I have in Mexico Egypt.


Master, how long to delay the exchange? asked the grandfather answered the exchange lasted as normal growth of a physical body.


On another occasion in the house of the Lord Maitreya Buddha Samael, both in his private office, where he directed and governed the International Gnostic Movement, told me the following: Since the body that initially saw here in Mexico and already inside the sarcophagus in Egypt due to atomic transplant, I had also moving the right personality for the tomb was with that body.


Now dressed with the Egyptian immortal body, my being adapted by the power of plastic mummy's face to face that everyone knows (although the true face of no one knows).


I had a big surprise while lecturing personality came to me, I have Mexican body in Egypt, fled from the tomb, and as there are atoms in the body that still relate to it, came to take command and control over this body now immortal I move and expressed the third logos that I have embodied.


Imperious personality came to me to take command of this body with the intention of dictating the conference, because I had to reprimand her sharply tell him to go to Egypt, as part of the conference be continued dictating.


Rebel personality would not obey, as such there be another part of moving it to Egypt, enter the mortuary enclosure, put it inside the sarcophagus and tie the physical body through certain magical procedures.


That Mexican body lies now in Egypt and we all met here in Mexico for some time is now: like a leaf of a plant that is drying as we are removing all his life for this vehicle fully reinstate immortal you have in front you.


He continued lecturing and grandfather: why the Christ, the Second Logos, in Pistis Sophia shows, to be removed to the same personality as being by itself and in itself does not need a personality, and that is impersonal.


Note: we invited the brothers to greater understanding of this reincarnation superior study with his conscience in the light of the fire transmuted in the Flaming Forge of Vulcan reincarnation theme, chapter twenty of the perfect wedding book, written by Guru Samael, especially the issue concerning the specific issue of the great lama Tuesday Lobsang Rampa.


The Master had a habit of leaving in the afternoon and arrive at night, at different times when they did not have commitments at home.


One day the powerful and virile master left home, and changing physical body. I leave at a specific place for the immortal mummy return home with the body I had in the Egyptian sarcophagus.


Yes, back to the physical body he met his wife, sons and brothers Gnostics, before starting the atomic exchange, living with mum, so that the designs were met, the great law and the destination we all governed .


Who noticed this change in body? ,

Who noticed it?, Riddles, puzzles, riddles .......


 If Guru Samael, intentionally return with Mexican body, which had taken almost all of the atoms, which were transplanted to climb through the mummy atomic exchange alive, now a part of being the used in Egypt or elsewhere in the world.


It is urgent that we understand fully the brothers worldwide Gnostics, that the physical body we saw and shared with the VM Samael, for the past four years was the mummy's body alive, and not the other.


Gradually the body, not immortal who brought back from Egypt to Mexico, as it continued the atomic exchange with the immortal body of the mummy alive, began to shrivel slowly to extract Being Samael, all soul values, Solar and spiritual.


The Guru Samael dressed with her mum living body immortal, slowly drew all atoms that body withered and dying slowly in the presence of the gnostic brotherhood around him, and humanly suffering because of it.


With the last breath of that suit, and useless, and in the post-mortem, during the three days of the vigil, the teacher transplanted to the immortal mummy recent values ​​of the physical vehicle.


Mr So, through a part of being that inhabited that body agony or decree said: that does not touch the body after death, that does not make the autopsy and that three days after the revelation, be cremated .


For what shall it profit a God, a dry suit, withered leaf rose as dehydrated and dry? "For all, is not it?" ...


So the Guru samael, in his wisdom, withdrew his physical body: the institutional setting.


The unfortunate thing about the situation is that people who loved him, close to him, with the verb intentionally said: Samael is dead, Master Samael is dead, dead wrong feeling, for lack of understanding of the reality of the Gnostic doctrine, by lack of Practice Self-Gnosis.


Do you think if you brothers to Gnostics, Cosmocrator having a multidimensional planetary body is Mars, with a Christed Humanity, issued its own flame logoic Samael epidermis living on the planet Mars, is dead!? Why waste a physical body, that its being used to perform the great Gnostic Mission we all know.


Remove the Master with his immortal body to where I had to go, then moved to the Nontrabada, as I indicate, then to Tibet, within the Shangrilla.


The logos Marciano as multiple perfect unity their being is diluted in the matter and the spirit of all that exists, why is that different parts of the Being, the Master is manifested here, there, and in all dimensions of the universe, as in The interior space of each of his true disciples, and true brotherhood Gnostic who loves him with facts, practicing self-gnosis.


This writer has had three meetings with his mummy immortal in the physical one and two in the higher astral.


I give public testimony that samael, never died, because he is eternal, without genealogy, without beginning of life that has existed, exists and will exist for eternity, forever and ever Amen.


AVALOKITESHUARA embodied in the Buddha Samael is the highest part of our inner being, wanted his divine will, grant me the privilege of showing their sacred immortal mummy, Egyptian body, skin burned by the Sahara desert tan; large dark-colored eyes, corneas face very white and fine.


Slightly built, nearly 1.80 meters tall, extremely agile body, dark hair, aquiline nose and thin ...