The impersonal

 The deep inner being is impersonal.

The being of all beings is impersonal.

The Great Being is totally impersonal.

The Christ Samael is impersonal.


Jesus Christ is impersonal, the Buddha is impersonal.

The Gnostic doctrine is impersonal.

The Gnostic Church of the higher worlds is impersonal.


The conscious circle of humanity solar impersonal.

The White Lodge of planet earth is impersonal.

The White Lodge is impersonal cosmos.


The sacred college of initiates is impersonal.

Every teacher, Guru rishi, mahatma, Hierophant, kabir, Messiah, avatara, is impersonal.

The Fifth Gospel aquarium is impersonal.


The practice of autognosis is impersonal.

Work on the three factors of the revolution of consciousness is impersonal.

Gnostic Brotherhood is impersonal world.


The Buddhist Gnostic brotherhood obviously must be impersonal.

The manager, president, coordinator of any institution is obligated

sacred impersonal to give "such impersonal".


All brothers, students and practitioners of the gnostic doctrine of the world is our duty to be impersonal.

The relationship between the national executives undoubtedly must be impersonal.

The treatment of all nations missionaries as spokespersons unquestionably Gnostic and examples of the doctrine we are living in the sacred duty to be impersonal.


All of our lives throughout this existence must always should seek to

succeed in acquiring the impersonality of the SER.


An inner mind, still, silent serves as a vehicle to impersonal consciousness of BEING.


A heart sublimizado in divine ecstasy serves as a vehicle of expression for the different parts of the Self


The essence on alert novelty, alertness perception obviously is acting impersonal, serene, peaceful.


Consciousness Being merged into the Great Arcanum is the right vehicle for the impersonal achieve the transmutation of the libido in the divine androgyne.


The sincere desire of the fraction of conscience rebels against the ghost that surrounds eclipses, has the feel impersonal and therefore achieves the great rebellion inside.


The integral role of the divine essence with Kundalini Shakti Devi and her husband in exchange electromagnetic SHIVA is an impersonal action that serves as a vehicle to create the superior existential bodies of "Solar Man" interior.


Integrating with Buddhata Purusha in Sahaja-Maithuna, is impersonal action of Christ which serves to eliminate the ego animal previously understood.


Our Buddhata integrated with our mother pleading SHAKTI KUNDALINI-annihilation of a particular defect, "laconic action is impersonal divine serpent, breaking the animal ego."


The charitable, altruistic soul in the service of as his instrument, as its spokesman and light carrier, teaching all beings on earth what the Gnostic doctrine, this attitude is undoubtedly, one of the most impersonal of Being high.


In short, every feeling, every act, every act, every thought, every word of the Buddha expressed deep interior through its Bodhisatwa in any of its manifestations is superlative action revealed impersonal and ineffable.


The Buddha Samael tells us, that the Self is the Self and that the reason for being is the same Being, and that's all.