Forgive us for our sins.

Forgive us for our iniquities.

Forgive us for our disobedience.


Forgive us for not complying with the three factors of the revolution of consciousness.

Forgive us for what we have destroyed so lovingly bequeathed us.

Forgive us for being who we are.


Samael, forgive us and sign documents saying that you're a pseudonym.

Samael, forgive us for being in fratricidal wars and fratricidal wars create internationally.

Samael, forgive intentionally cultivating separateness among my group, between brothers, between Gnostic nations of the world.


Samael, forgive Gnostic afflict the people.

Samael, forgive us for using the doctrine to lie, deceive and obscure purposes egoic usurp your name and gospel.

Samael, forgive us for using your name, and have used of Jesus Christ, to commit all kinds of wickedness.


Samael, forgive your wickedness pursue missionaries, devaluing perversely, without being conscious of what we say, without being recorded.


Samael, forgive us negotiate with the Gnostic doctrine, as merchants from the temple.


Samael, forgive us for feeling your own work, "The Fifth Gospel", monopolizing your books, which are owned by "The Gnostic Church of the inner worlds of the white lodge".


Samael, forgive usurp your name and use it for our personal selfishness.

Samael, forgive us for being sincerely mistaken.


Samael, forgive us for not being serious and disciplined, persevering in the practice of the gnostic doctrine.


Samael Aun Weor, Buddha, we are sorry to heart, so much abuse your holy love, I ask forgiveness for my sins and the sins of all the world's Gnostic brothers.

We promise to facts, to undo the damage we have done to the world body, our soul and brotherhood and all sincere Gnostic and Gnostic people worldwide.

With tears in his eyes, cut to the heart, repentant in the depths of our soul, we beg your forgiveness.


We promise to heart oh Buddha samael, be better to deserve chelas.

Samael, comply faithfully with your Institutional Decrees.

No more'll lie, saying your decretaste what, what you established your (so and so) and it was a lie ours.


Samael, God Force, we promise that we will unite all our forces to lift, gave the bad image of gnosis through our selves.

Samael, no fratricidal wars anymore, at group level, between missionaries and administrators local, state, national and internationally, "we promise".

Samael have mercy on our souls.


Samael devote every moment, every moment of our existence, the time left to live, to practice the three factors of the revolution of consciousness, with super-discipline, perseverance, continuity of purpose and a pure heart to fulfill our will , fulfilling our duty to love our brothers and our neighbors as God Himself.